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Posted by Lindsay on March 29, 2000 at 21:55:49:

In Reply to: 7 yr old/Hives/x2wks/Mostly in pm posted by Marie on February 20, 2000 at 20:36:27:

Hi Marie, I have a son that is now 11 who has hives regularily. We have been to the allergist and they couldn't find anything. It is really frustrating, but, during the last 2 years we have found out some of the causes... they may help your situation. You say the break outs happen in the evening...probally not too long after dinner??

I've found that most outbreaks seem to be caused by tomatoes, either cooked or raw and anything with berries, especially blue berries, I believe with the research that I have be doing for the past 3 years it is the acidity in these foods that cause the reaction. Benadryl works well if taken before these foods are consumed and I have been trying to see if eating daily citrus fruits will have a strong enough alkaline effect so that we don't have to buy stocks in the pharmacy!

I'm still hoping that one day his system will grow out of it, but until then we just have to watch what he eats, which I'm sure you know is hard to do especially with tomatoes products ie., ketchup, sauces, pizzas, etc.....

All the best to you and your daughter.

: Hi, I have a yr old that developed severe hives 2 wks ago. Starts out saying feet/hands/ hurt then they swell/then get hives. Sometimes face and lips swell! She is on benedryl for this! She can't see allergist until 3/1!! It tends to get worse after 6:00 pm/ I am keeping diary of foods eaten and I think its corn related products(corn syrup etc.) But today none eaten and still same reaction tonight!!!!Sometimes face is blotchy looking almost like some kind of disease. She also has bouts of fatigue during which she is not on the benedryl!! Any advice is welcome!!!

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