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Posted by Erin on April 01, 2000 at 18:34:14:

In Reply to: I keep having this problem with reacting to chemicals in home, posted by Chy on March 30, 2000 at 09:13:32:

Dear Chy, sorry for the allergies, keep the faith, don't quit before your miracles! I have many allergies, no fun! In the house I am allergic to the gas heat and Christmas trees at Christmas-the gas heat and pollen & resin on the trees sets me off!!! (I can use a plastic tree!) Combination of things often are not compatible with my system. Household cleaners I use one at a time and open all of the windows and doors. (Wear a mask and sometimes nonrubber gloves!) Using more than one chemical at a time is trouble for me. In allergy season, pollens, etc. seem to be a trigger to other stuff. I write a lot to see what emotion or memory might need to be healed. I practice loving my self and my body so that I am working in unity and harmony with myself and God even when I feel wretched! At the moment my concern is for an allergy to metal in my teeth. I have read books on metal allergies from health food stores and diseases which has been scary but vital to my health. I have been amazed at the diseases caused by metal poisoning that we aren't being told about. I find these writings on the Web, metal allergies dentist. I keep reminding myself God has a cure. My reaction to metal symptoms that I know for sure are - burning, itching and electromagnetic movement across my teeth. I have other physical symptoms that are probably related - I'm working to confirm them. My dentist is a dear compassionate, believing person who is willing to work on this with me. My goals is to remove all of the metal from my mouth -- what to put in its place is the question now? Whatever it is I must not be allergic to! I'm sure you understand. If you would like to reply or if anyone would care to share with me I need all the support and information I can receive. Happy to share with you! You are in my prayers! Hope I haven't said more than you want to hear! Erin//
: and I wonder if anyone else is having the same problem? I have had several same bouts with reating to perfumes, cleaners, paint fumes, and since December it's been wood added to the list. I had an major reaction back then and am now having another major reaction. I have gotten out of my home all the wood that I had the reaction to and it helped so much. As of 2 days ago, it has been building again and yesterday was my worse day. I only have oak left in my home and a few wooden frames which are in an sealed bag for now. Trying to find the culpit is an exhausting and causes my body to become weak from it.

: I had also tried an new dergerent & think it has can possibly on of the culpits. My husband has sealed it into an bag as well & put in spare room. If anyone can help me with finding an detergent for washing clothes safely for me, please let me know. I am at an lost here.

: It's rough any ideas?

: In the middle of an chemical reation.

: Chy

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