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Posted by [email protected] on April 04, 2000 at 14:09:52:

In Reply to: I keep having this problem with reacting to chemicals in home, posted by Chy on March 30, 2000 at 09:13:32:

: and I wonder if anyone else is having the same problem? I have had several same bouts with reating to perfumes, cleaners, paint fumes, and since December it's been wood added to the list. I had an major reaction back then and am now having another major reaction. I have gotten out of my home all the wood that I had the reaction to and it helped so much. As of 2 days ago, it has been building again and yesterday was my worse day. I only have oak left in my home and a few wooden frames which are in an sealed bag for now. Trying to find the culpit is an exhausting and causes my body to become weak from it.

: I had also tried an new dergerent & think it has can possibly on of the culpits. My husband has sealed it into an bag as well & put in spare room. If anyone can help me with finding an detergent for washing clothes safely for me, please let me know. I am at an lost here.

: It's rough any ideas?

: In the middle of an chemical reation.

: Chy

hi. it is possible that you are having a chemical allergy or it could be you are alleric to latex and its chemicals tht would mean you are allergic to your elastic any iron decals or prints on your colthing look up colophony and MBT and latex allergy and scent and prefume allergy on the internet this is all latex and very close to inviromentsl but there is help. the first step is to find out what is causeing the product staaaaaart by removing anything that smells the take white vinager no one likes this smell but it does get rid of other odors and without covering them up. spray or have someone spray down everthing from the drapes to the carpet and the funiture with this then leave for a little while the vinager smell does diappear. you need to wash you clothing in a free soap i use all liquid and it is impoortant to use a liquid soap. i use only dove for sensitive skin on my body and hairs and only rinse with cidar vinager to get rind of tangles and give your hair a lot of shine. nest you can not wear any make-up or use any haair products for a while to see if this help the franganes in all product contain toxin chemicals and you ll read this in thoese site i told you to look up. you have to wash all of your clothing with with clothing that does not contain anyprinted or decals or computer prints on them. and dry the same way.
i know this means you can not wear a lot of clothing but it is uop to you if you want to feel better. then an air puriffier is good. i have mine in my beddroom so i sleep in puifeied air.
wipe your furniture with cidar vinager it does not have a good smell but it will priotect you wood and remove the chemical that are on the wood.
if you are willing to all of this you will find out if it is the chemicals. remember only you and your husband and family can clean the home. for your family no one in the house can use scented deordat or hair spray or cologne or aftershave or anything that has a scent this is a big problem for every one i have thre teenagers and it has bee n****.
but you will feel better then ther is more but try one step at a time good liuck marguerite

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