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Posted by Joy on April 19, 2000 at 13:31:48:

In Reply to: Re: Cat Allergies posted by Sara on January 07, 2000 at 14:46:58:

: : We have recently taken in a beautiful stray cat but I have noticed that I soon find it hard to breathe after awhile. It's as though there is a weight on my chest and I cannot seem to take a full breath.
: : I am fine after I leave the house - we started leaving the cat outside during the day but it's getting pretty cold up here now.
: : I took some allergy pills (the over the counter stuff) and they seemed to work Ok if I took them far enough ahead of time but I don't want to be on drugs forever. Ideas? I do not want to have this cat die in the cold - we have tried the local humane society, placing ads, etc.

: Have you tried a rinse called Allerpet? I have an allergy to my cat, runny nose and itchy eyes, that is what I use and I am fine. What you're allergic to is it's dandruff and/or it's saliva. You might want to try it and see what happens. You only have to wash the cat once every 10 days. Try it and see.Good Luck!!!

You must bathe your cat regularly. I am extremely allergic to cats, but I am able to keep two cats because I bathe them often.
(I can hug them and kiss them, and they sleep on the bed with me.)
A lot of people think you don't have to bathe cats because they lick themselves clean. However, when they lick themselves clean
they are only covering themselves in saliva which will just make your allergies worse.
You must give your cat a real bath in either the sink or the tub, depending on how big it is.
I know that it's time for a new bath for my cats when I start breaking out in hives all over and I have serious trouble breathing.
breathing. By the way, I can't stand being in the home of someone who has cats and does
not bathe them. Taking my cat to the vet is torture for me, because of the other cats there.
Please remember that, since your cat was a stray, he has probably never had a real bath in his
life and is full of dander and saliva.

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