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Posted by [email protected] on April 20, 2000 at 22:11:20:

In Reply to: help itchy 7yr old daughter... posted by VICKI on April 19, 2000 at 20:10:46:

: my daughter 7 year old has what looks like pimples on her face when you first look at her. But they are not pimples, hives, or ezcema. These "pimples" are on her cheeks, calves, triceps, forearms, and front of upper legs. It itches her and I don't know what to do anymore. I have taken her to her MD who gave me hydrocortizone which didn't work, dematologist said it could be due to early development or allergies. he told me to take away milk, chocolate, orange, strawberry. again didn't work. anyone ever hear of this? Thanks

hi i have this too at time the best thing is to make sur she does not eat anything with gum such as xaxthan gum -guar -etc and gelintin unless it is sea weed gelatin no bannas kiwii avacados or chestnuts. look at you body product if any of these oil or the word mix oils appears in the ingredience do not us them.
okay she is most like allergic to latex and scented product wash her clothing and sheet with a free liquid soap any absoultely no frabric softeners you can look up on the internet scent alllergy fragrance allergy and fabric softener allergy and you will understand why to stay away from these
know then to the bath before puuting her in the tub wip the area with peroxide and hopfully if will bubblle were these bumps are this is a skin infection that does not have a name when sent to the lab comes back toxi eruption.
the peroxide is to kill the bactera then but her in a bath with dead sea salts a health store will have them unscented dead sea salts, then after 45 mins andput a wash cloth remember you have to wash the towels and wash cloths in a free soap a no fabric softernern use white vinagar for a fabric softerern it works.
when taking her out of the tub put cidar vinager on her you have to let the vinagar dry then reallpied 4 more time a total of 5 times this will leave her skin soft.
i know it sounds like a lot to do but it will help
for her face soak the dead sea satls on awash cloth and every five min rinse and replace if she will stick her head under water this is good to,
email if you need any moire help m my prayers are with you do not let the peroxide get near her eyes

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