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Posted by [email protected] on April 26, 2000 at 10:44:49:

In Reply to: No Diagnosis, or Help... posted by J.Bennett on April 25, 2000 at 23:42:21:

: Hi there,
: It's been at least a decade, so upon my
: happening onto these boards, I thought I'd see if
: anyone had heard of anything like my problem.... I would
: REALLY appreciate any information, suggestions or help!
: I am very fair-skinned. When my body temperature
: gets above a certain temperature,and/or I perspire, or I
: exercise too much (which sometimes is hardly at all!),
: I break out in red, itchy hives on my arms, ankles and
: insteps, around my neck and on my chest,etc. Addition-
: ally, if I continue activity past this point,my body gets
: blotchy; my face blotches up, reddens and swells, my
: temples throb and my throat and nose begin to close up.
: To me it seems as though I'm going to suffocate (or
: something VERY close).
: This is very, VERY limiting. I told my (HMO) doctor
: all about it, and about my problems, and he put me on
: a daily dose of ALLEGRA. This seems to help in terms of
: very minimal a point. But he will not go
: any futher with my complaint than this. Meanwhile, I am
: still very limited, as I live in a city that while
: comfortably cool November through March, is BLAZINGLY hot
: April through October. I cannot move away from here.
: Is there anyone out there who has or has had this
: kind of problem? Can anyone give me any ideas and/or
: information about a problem like this- and any even
: partially successful treatments for it?
: I was very active and athletic before this problem
: became full-blown; now I'm not quite an invalid, but
: pretty close to it. I'd like to reclaim at least part
: of who I really am before I am too old to do so (I've
: just turned forty). If you have any information,
: ideas, experiences...anything...any input would be
: greatly appreciated. Please reply here. Thank you.

: Yours,

: -J. Bennett

: hi this could be cause by a great deal of problem but to me it sounds like alatex allergy there is a raast test for this but the problem is youur get false neg. na then there is a true test it is a patch test that wil tell you if your allergic to chemicals. stop using fabric softener and scent products of anykind9look up scented and frangrane allergies on the internet also stop eating hygenated oils angin look up on th interent you will see what i mean)
this might not be your probllem but i too had the same things happen to me and i also foubd that taking a bath in sea weed and taking supplements to make me sweat has help a great deal. supplements have saved my life. see an alternative doctors also he or she could shed some light. i know can run and bicyle and walk with out difficulty and 3 years ago i thought i would live in a wheelchair till i died. so good luck

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