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Posted by [email protected] on April 26, 2000 at 11:02:24:

In Reply to: Burning Face posted by Linda on April 24, 2000 at 19:45:22:

: I have been diagnosed with Rosacea---has anyone ever had facial burning so severe it feels like your face is on fire?? I've also been told it may be a combination of Rosacea with an allergic reaction setting it off. This pain has gotten unbearable. I've also been to the E.R. its gotten so bad and no-one knows what to do or give me for it. I'm hoping someone out there has a similiar situation and can help me. Thanks
you poor thing i know exactly how you feel. what i tell you to do is first try to relax and try breating slow this wil help i do no knw why but it doe. also you should be patch tested to see if your allergic to the oitments that they are having you use on your face.
now for your face you nedd to have a few things without seeing your face i do not know how bad it really is mine was so bad tht is i put warm compresses on one side blood would pore out the other side. i was in so much pain i did not know what to do. so here are a few things i did that did help.
first you must find out what is causeing this for me it was latex which is over 40,000 different things hope it is not that be checked for chemical allergies because this can be cause from the fumes of chemicals
oatmeal make it like you are going to eat it no milk or sugar.
place it on your face this will soften your face not heal it but you have to soften you face so it can heal.

dead sea salts mix a teaspoon in a soup bowl of water warm then place it on your face if it burns you have to much salts. now take it off your face every five minute ring it out and place it on your face again for about and hour this will help to remove toxins from your face.
or you can uses sea weed do not but if on your face until cooled you do not want to burn your face
then i have found for myself tht all scented products inluding hair and deordarant and airfresheners burn my face so remove all scented product from your home just till you clear unp and have everyone where unscented product including dish soap
when not doing this i would use zinc oitment the white one not the oil or vasoline looking one. it is called oitment no the cream.

it took a while but this is what help me clear up i had what you have on my face but for 3 year years it was like this under my breast. it took a long time before i found help. i hope this will help like i said it helped me good luck

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