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Posted by vicki on May 09, 2000 at 23:43:51:

In Reply to: lots of allergy questions.... posted by Michele on May 07, 2000 at 15:41:08:

: I'll try to keep this from getting too long...

: First, are my symptoms likely to be due to allergy? For 2 months I've been experiencing: mild dizzyness (mostly gone now), a burning senstation over my cheekbone and bridge of my nose, pressure in my face (sinuses),, and a sort of spacy feeling. A CT scan of my sinuses revealed inflammation of my sinuses, and no infectin. Doctor diagnosed allergies, and I am now on Allegra, Flonase, Humibid, plus I take Aleve. This did all start about 5 days after the tree pollen started to rise here in North Carolina, so I guess it makes sense that it is allergy. However, I'm not sneezing and my eyes aren't watery. I have only a little bit of congestion, and my nose is only a little bit runny (clear, watery). So, is this allergy?

: Other questions....

: Does anyone know if this is a particularly bad pollen season, particularly here in the middle of North Carolina? I've been living here 3 years, and never experienced this before.

: If I'm suddenly allergic to tree pollen, what are the chances I'll also be allergic to grasses? The tree pollen level is supposedly finally decreasing, but I don't feel any better.

: Can the symptoms get worse around my period? I normally don't have big PMS problems, but have noticed that I seem to have the allergy symptoms worse for a few days before my period (although maybe it's just been that pollen levels have happened to by higher then).

: I'm hoping to get pregnant soon. Will symptoms be worse? Better? I actually know somebody who said that hers were better during pregnancy/nursing. Actually, for the past 2 years I was either pregnant or (just stopping) nursing, so maybe that's why I suddenly got hit this year?

: Am I going to feel like this forever? The hardest part is the spacy feeling...sometimes I feel almost "disconnected" from the world. I have a 2-year old son, and sometimes I just feel so yucky that I don't want to deal with him, and that makes me feel like such a bad mom. Plus, I'm having a lot of anxiety over just feeling so bad for so long. Will I ever by normal again?

: I appreciate VERY MUCH any advice or input anyone can give me!!!! Thanks very much.

First of all please don't feel like a bad mom. I have the same problems you do and more. I was just tested again for allergies and I am allergic to just about every thing. Yes it is a very bad season for pollen. From what I understand the whole east coast is bad this year. I live in PA. and my daughter is 7yrs old. PMS I am the biggest nightmare you every met with allergy season. wether they are related or not I can't say for sure but I believe it has to do with the fact that you already don't feel well and then ad hormones to that. I feel disconnected from march to june and then from august to first frost. Really uncomfortable feeling isn't it? I hate it. My understanding as told to me by an allergist is if you develop allergies later in life they get worse as you get older. This seems to be true because mine did. My allergies did seem to get better while I was pregnant. and for about 1 1/2 year after that. Then they got worse again. I get anxiety over allergies too, sometimes to the point of panic. I also have sinusitis and asthma. Please understand that everyone reacts differently to allergies. you don't have to sneeze to have an allergy to something. example tomatoes make my mouth burn and itch. no sneezing no watery eyes. Have you had the allergy tests? or just a diagnosis? My advise get tested. You may already be allergic to things you don't even realize yet.
My solution for dealing with children when I feel run down. take a deep breath count to 100 out loud when you realize you are counting to yourself and it is childish and a stress release at the same time you will handle the child better. not only that but your kids will stop what they are doing to watch you, this usually ends bad behavior problem solved. If this does not work and you are still having problems, try taking up an activity if you can't get away then try reading, oil painting, knitting, etc. these are great activities you can do while keeping the kids in your sight. I don't know about the salt and water thing. I would ask your doctor about that one. Personally I tried it and it was painful for me and it didn't help me at all. all it did was make my throat raw and very sore and my my nose dried out and burned. but maybe it will help you. Sorry this is so long Good luck any other questions just ask. you can email me at [email protected]

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