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Posted by chelsea on May 12, 2000 at 01:21:08:

In Reply to: Re: fruit allergies posted by Mary on January 22, 2000 at 00:17:43:

: : I started having allergies to plums and peaches when I was in high school. After entering college I added all melons to the list. As I've gotten older, now 28, the allergies have progressed from the itchy mouth and throat after a few pieces to a miniscule amount causing severe breathing problems and laryngitis for a week. And now this week something else caused blisters on my lips, and a rash on my face...any idea why more and more foods are causing problems as I get older...I was under the impression I would grow out of allergies not into them. Thank you any information would be greatly appreciated.

: Due the increasing number of things causing allergies for you it would be very wise to see an allergist to find out just what you are allergic to. The severe breathing problems are not to be taken lightly in allergy situation. Not to scare you but what happens if your throat totally closes off next time. Will someone with epinepherine nearby be smart enough to know that you are having an allergic reaction and need an injection immediatley?? I would not wait to find out the answer to this question. Find a qualfied allergist and let him figure out what all is going on before something very serious happens. It only takes a matter of minutes for death to occur in a severe allergic reaction.

I have oral allergy syndrome myself. Starter 4 years ago and now I've almost given up hope of getting rid of it. It is caused by a cross reaction between pollen and fruit and vegetables. Over reactive immune system cannot distinguish between pollen proteins and food proteins, causing an allergic reaction. I started with watermelons only, then it was grapes, then oranges and now everything. If you're allergic to pollens (ie you get hayfever), this may be your case as well!!

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