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Posted by Donna on May 13, 2000 at 00:44:16:

In Reply to: Constant Sinus Drainage??? HELP??? posted by Donna on May 11, 2000 at 16:24:57:

: Hi, I am new to this board but I am out here searching to see if anyone else has ever suffer from severe sinus drainage? I am, this spring is the worst for me, It makes me choke and it is so thick that food can get hung in my throat, I am breathing fine, they said it was caused by hayfever and that I needed to take robitussin to thin it out, it has help but I still am having it. Since I moved into my new home I have had a constant sinus problem especially with the drainage and choking feeling. Does anyone else have this kind of problem and has it ever got severe enough that you couldn't not swallow pills, food without worrying about it getting hung in your throat? This problem is really beginning to worry me. I am on allery medicine and just started on Robitussin dm. Any info would help.

Thank you all for responding, We moved into a brand new mobile home and we think the problem is with the humidity in my home, we got a central air unit(I was always used to air conditioners) our trailer is a zone 3 which means it is very solid built, I have live in other mobile homes but this is the first time I have live in a zone 3 one and had a central air unit, It is a large unit and it dries the air out, I done alot of research last nite and what I could find it that where the humidity is so low in my home that it could be cause my sinus to drain and be so think, we will see, I went out and bought humidifiers. Someone mentioned the carpet but I seem to suffer from headaches and face pain and sinus drainage in the warm months the worst when we have the air unit on, hopefully this is what is causing the problem and can be fixed, if not I will have to see a ear, nose, throat specialist soon. Thanks again for responding, any other suggestions would be great because this is the worst feeling with allergies I ever had, I rather have the bad headaches than this drainages and choking feeling from it:(

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