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Posted by Dave Crawford on May 16, 2000 at 11:13:21:

Hi, I searched your messages and did not find anything on this, so, during my lunch hour, I thought I'd share what I've learned in dealing with an allergy sympton. I am now 49 years old and continue to have some sinus drainage, which is seasonal. Beginning about 15 years ago I started gagging when beginning to run fast in the fall and in the winter, but not when jogging. Initially, chewing gum helped control this, but the gagging got worse, as I got older, and eventually it severely limited my running whenever it was cold. I then started chewing more gum, which helped for a while, but was only partially effective. I also noticed that I did not gag if I had sufficient moisture in my mouth. (This is how the gum helped.) I also noticed that I was less apt to gag when I had drank a lot of water before the run, or the day before an early morning run. Drinking lots of water, with the gum, helped sum. As the condition continued to get worse, I then noticed that if I was able to run hard enough to break a sweat I did not gag. Since I live in Missouri sweating is not a problem from about May through September. When running in cold weather I have been able to manage/prevent the gagging by: 1) chewing gum 2) drinking lots of water before the run 3) warming up enough on my stairstepper indoors to break a light sweat before running outside, and 4) overdressing enough to break a sweat and then shedding the excess clothing. I noticed an article on the American Acadamy of Allergies, Asthma & Immuniology's (AAAAI) website reporting that dehydration worsens asthmatic conditions. My experience would support that premise, but, as noted previously, I've noticed other things as well.

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