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Posted by Macki on May 16, 2000 at 17:50:24:

In Reply to: allergies and Rh factor? posted by jm brin on January 25, 2000 at 01:19:09:

: I was born (miraculously) of an O+ father and an Rh-negative mother before RoGam; I was not
transfused. All of my siblings and I have had horrible allergies since infanthood and no
treatments seem to be effective. Does anyone know if a study has ever been done of Rh-factor
babies and later allergy or immune tendencies?

I also am RH negative pre RoGam, have never been transfused at birth, nor since. I made it from
infanthood,through childhood,through teenage-hood, and now to grandma-hood- with never an
allergy until late 40's. The allergies were to "Tobacco smoke, and Alcohol." I quit smoking, I
don't drink even socially but maybe once or twice a year, and my allergies are alost non
existent until I am around a smoker again. Also I produced 3 healthy children with no allergies,
and 6 non allergic grandchildren. Also I had 4 RH Negative nephews of which the 1st born did
not need a transfusion, 2nd one had to be transfused, 3rd one died in the womb, 4th one needed
a transfusion. The 3 surviving nephews were pre RoGam also, and are all adults in their late 30's
and early 40's with no allergies to date..
I think that the environment and the garbage processed into our foods by the manufacturers
are most likely the cause of the allergies that your siblings and yourself are suffering from.
I have recently began researching allergies to foods, and I am finding out that food allergies can
cause actual crippling, memory loss, etc. among many other shocking symptoms.
Please help yourselves by researching enviromental and food allergies. If you don't help yourselves
as much as you posssibly can, you will be on prescription drugs the rest of your lives.
Sometimes the prescription drugs can cause added symptoms and harm.
The prescriptions are like the band aid effect, they only cover it up, they don't ever cure the
problem. Yes they will relieve you of the discomfort, but only until your body builds up an
immunity to them, then you will be put on a different prescription drug.


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