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Posted by Louise on May 17, 2000 at 16:57:13:

In Reply to: Re: Facial / Lip Swelling posted by Jannel on April 21, 2000 at 00:30:23:

: : : I've suffered from facial swelling for almost a decade. I've been to top-notch doctors but none have been able to nail it, aside from diagnosing it as angioedema or chronic urticaria. Typically I will get a tingling in one area on a lip and then the swelling begins, working it's way around my mouth and finally subsiding after 12-24 hours. It takes a long time for the fluid to dissipate and the skin to shrink back. I also occasionally get tongue swelling (once extending into my windpipe - talk about scary), and then sometimes my eyes, hands, instep, etc. with much lower frequency. At various times I've suspected MSG, sulfates/sulfites/nitrates/nitrites, onions, aspartame, gasoline, and even stress but given the long half-life of most food additives in the body it's been impossible to pinpoint. Sometimes I get attacks as often as two weeks apart but lately it's been 2-3 months. I currently avoid all suspected foods and take Zyrtec each day. Any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated ...

: :
: : My daughter had this problem as a child and we discovered that she was allergic to a variety of red dyes used in foods and drinks. She was also allergic to phenobarbitol(or so we thought), but then it might have been the red dye in the preparation.

: My lips swelled up so much that I had to miss work and get coritsone shots. This happened 2Xs in my adult life, and I believe both were because of red wine, even though the doctor didn't think so. Red whatever, I'm sticking to Chardonay from now on....

I've been suffering from exactly the samr symptoms as you for just over 3 years now. I've been admitted into hospital a couple of times it has been so severe and now have to carry an adrenalin pen with me all the time. Earlier this year I discovered that I am allergic to sodium benzoate (a preservative). It is found in wines, beers, soft drinks, and various sauces. It tends to be used in liquids rather than solid foods. the main culprit in my case was white wine.
I take piriton to help the swelling go down but this can take up to 3 days, I've even had occurrences when both my eyes have swelled so badly that they have closed completely.
I'm also in the process of discovering that I am allergic to fresh fruit and some types of nuts (not peanuts!!). Another common allergy is to sodium metabisulphite which is also used in many drinks. I am not allergic to that one, but it is actually more common.
I hope this has been a help, please feel free to get in touch if you want any other feedback.

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