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Posted by prince pan on May 20, 2000 at 01:09:33:

In Reply to: Re: Alcohol allergy any way out? posted by JH on May 17, 2000 at 19:48:50:

: : I would seek advise of a doc, pulm, allergist, cardiologist, whatever to find out if you've a HIDDEN cardiac problem also. If it's an allergy only, take the necessary precautionary step... DON'T DRINK!!!!!!! PERIOD, NO ANDS, BUTS, or IF's about it!!!!!!! Your body has given warning signals for something, USE them to your advantage...your LIFE!!!!!!! There are many things that a person can and can't avoid no matter how much intention they've got. Alchohol in itself is a complete personal avoidance. Either you do or don't. Your life doesn't depend on the necessity of alcohol. Allergies can start at anytime in life and get worse or better for each item allergic to. But once again, if you think you're allergic to alcohol...avoid it. Find something else to drink instead.... you won't miss anything... after all, lots of people (like myself) DON'T drink in the first place, but we certainly don't think we miss anything.Your life won't end cause of no alcohol, but your life COULD end CAUSE of alchol if it's an allergy AND/OR other problem that is affected by alchohol. Got the picture? QUIT... and don't WHINE!!!!

: Is beer the only thing you're drinking? If so, is it possible you could have an allergy to grains (hops)? Just an idea.

:I am allergic to any type of alcohol (all of a sudden!)
ME: Whine! Whine! I am not an alcoholic but I would sure like to enjoy a drink once in a while. Its not asking for too much is it? Different people enjoy different things. Why cant I enjoy an occasional drink without having my life threatened??

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