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Posted by SID on June 04, 2000 at 00:05:36:

In Reply to: can allergies make me feel flushed/feverish? posted by michelep on June 02, 2000 at 13:24:58:

YES, This happens to me
it almost feels like your face is on fire in a
way, and you start to get a little light headed
and it fills like your head is building up
with pressure it could in any moment blow up..
sound close to yor are feeling ..
i dont know what mine is cause from but I'm assuming allergies seeing that i bad cause of it
adn on top of it my alleries bring on asthma attacks for me .. huh?? who knows
well let me know if this is close to what happens to you.. thanks: Pamala

: I've posted before about my symptoms...lightheadedness, sinus pressure, ear pressure, post-nasal drip sore throat...but another one I wonder about is that I often feel flushed - I mean, my face feels hot, as if I am getting a fever. When I take my temp when I'm feeling that way, it's about 99, which is high for me. Can this be due to the allergies? I had a CT of my sinuses done, and it showed sinus inflammation, presumably due to the allergies, but no infection. I know that at least one person here (I think it was Vicki?) told me that she had a similar symptom, but was wondering whether other people do, too, and why allergies would cause that. Is it secondary to the inflammation?

: Thanks for any input. Sometimes I worry that something more is wrong with me. I am going to see an allergist next week, so I'm hoping that will help, too.

: Michele

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