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Posted by Barbara on June 14, 2000 at 13:40:44:

In Reply to: allergy testing question, and sinuses.... posted by michelep on June 13, 2000 at 14:39:15:

: Hello, it's me again. Still having symptoms. My primary question is this - what, aside from infection or allergy, can cause the sinuses to become inflammed? After having sinus symptoms for awhile (dizzyness, lightheadedness, ear pressure, pain in cheeks and over bridge of nose, post-nasal drip), my doc sent me for a CT scan which revealed no structural abnormalities, no infection, but inflammed sinuses. She diagnosed allergies. Well, I just was allergy tested, and I was not allergic to any of the 72 things they tested me for. Any ideas on what else could be causing this sinus inflammation? I am feeling better (less dizzy, especially), but still having significant facial pain.
: Dr. Grossan had suggested Neosporin in the nostrils in response to some funky mucus I was getting from one nostril. That does seem to have helped with that symptom, but the others have remained.

: If I don't have an infection, or allergies, or a structural abnormality, what is causing my sinuses to be inflammed? I am beginning to be frightened that I have some scary autoimmune disease! Any advice would be much appreciated!

: Is it possible for the allergy testing to miss something? I was tested for 72 common things. The only reactions were VERY slight (he called them plus-minus) to horses (which I'm never around) and dust mites - but he said it was much to moderate a response to be responsible for my symptoms.

: Any advice would be much appreciated!

: Michele

Hi Michele,
I know exactly what you feel like. Two years ago my doctor refused to prescribe me yet another antibiotic. I was on medication more than I was off of them. Finally, he insisted I have sinus surgery which I did. However, the infection started to return averaging 3-4/season; also, i was on a daily dose of prescription medicine to try to control the effects on my sinus. Since Feb. I have been using and all natural , non-toxic products which have eliminated my nasal discomfort as well as all the above symptons you described. I am now able to breath properly through my nose withou any of the annoying discomfort I use to have. For further info. e-mail me at [email protected]

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