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Posted by [email protected] on June 19, 2000 at 15:29:59:

In Reply to: reaction to house posted by ronni h on June 15, 2000 at 13:35:28:

: I hop someone out there will be able to shed light on a terrible problem. Six months ago we bought a 12-year old house which backs to a wetlands area. Within 24 hours of moving in we all were gagging and coughing and could hardly breath right. We removed the carpeting, but a strange "fruity sweet" odor remains, which we smelled on the slab as we removed the carpet. Upstatirs, the flooring is pressboard. We laid Armstrong tiles downstairs and upstairs, but we are still all gagging quite a bit, and although none of us have ever had asthma, we are all very "tight" when we breath. When we tried to use the central heat in the winter, we all became so much worse that we had to use electric space heaters all winter (we nearly froze). We still cannot use the vent ducts, because our symptoms are so much worse when we do. We sunk all our money into this house, we do not know what to do next. If anyone could have a suggestion or a similar experience we would appreciate hearing from you. Thanks, any suggestions would be great.

: Ronni

hi i haope this can help you- i have a sever latex allergy one of the thing that happens to a person like me is scent allergy i am almost allergic to anything that smells. so i have found ways to eliminate the odeors. so, what i tell you is what i have to do and it does work sometimes it will take several treatments before you get rid of all the order. there is a chance that the people before you used some kind of poperie or airfresheners through out the houe or the use a great deal of prefume and or cologne this is the hardesst scent to remove but it can be done.

first take your filters out of the furnace and soak them with vinagar everyday for at least a week. this same week you want to was the walls with vinagar and you want to rinse all the flooring and carpett with straight vinagar. i know vinagar does not smell good to some p[eople but vinagar will noat harm cloth and for leather furnituree use cidar vinagar. you should wash the ceiling also. yes a great deal of woek washing the whole house down- if you have a base ment was the basement in choline and then rinse with vinagar if the ceiling is not finished the put goggles on and spray the ceiling with vinagar. keep rinsing the floors every week until the odor is gone.

for the duct work i am not sure how to remove the dust call the heating guy and ask them how to clean the duct work. see what they tell you.

i am so allergic to smells i can not stand fabric softener on anyones clothing--for now because of the scent problem you smell your immune system might have cause you to be sensitive to other smells so i would use only unscent fragrance free soaps and deodorants shompoo and conditioner and use no fabricsoftener or air freshereners in the house this includes the scent grabage bags.

i hope this has help it has saved my life.
if you need to chat youu can contact me a [email protected]

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