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Posted by Cindy on July 03, 2000 at 00:57:02:

In Reply to: Slightly Woozy, Ears Ringing, Lightheaded -- Anybody ? posted by Cut-Throat on July 01, 2000 at 09:08:17:

: Hi,

: I have had these symptoms for about 3 years. A cough, clearing my throat, lightheadedness dizzy, no spinning or vertigo though, ringing in ears. I started taking the OTC Chlor-trimeton and most of the real bad symptoms went away (I was almost incapacitated). I have been taking the drug for about a year. Still clear my throat and cough have slight ringing and lightheadness.

: I have been to 4 allergists, they agree that I must be allergic to something, but they are out of answers. I have been to countless other specialists, ENT, Brain, Etc. all negative.

: I have also been allergic to seasonal stuff for 25 years (tree pollen, grass) etc. But, this is all the time.

: Any body ever heard of this ????

A friend and I were talking recently about allergies... lately I have been experiencing many weird reactions to things. Anyway she told me that she went through years of feeling strange, similar to symptoms you are describing. Allergists could not determine what it was. She found out on her own that it was avocado that was causing her all this discomfort. She went on a diet that excluded avocado among other things. While on the diet, she felt good. Then during the "maintenance" portion of the diet plan, they allowed small portions of things like avocado... once she began eating the avocado again, her woozy, lightheaded feelings returned. She quit the avocado (which she loves) and has felt great ever since.

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