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Posted by Anne on July 04, 2000 at 10:17:47:

In Reply to: confused and in a lot of pain posted by emily on June 12, 2000 at 04:35:47:

: i don't really know what this is but it's driving me insane. i had the same problem, around this time last year. i start sneezing and my eyes start to itch, then the sneezing will go away and my eyes will continue to itch. after about two hours of rubbing and itching my eyes, i can't open them. the area from my eyebrows to the bottom of my nose is swollen and inflammed. the next day i'll wake up with my eyes glued together, all crusty. the pain is unbearable. the next day i go through the same thing. i usually get about three of these attacks a day. as long as i don't touch my eyes i'm fine. but even if the wind blows across my face that will make me touch them. from then on it's impossible to get my hands away from my eyes. i am in a looooot of pain. does anybody know of something that can help. pleeeaaase!!!


Sounds the same as my reactions to cats and horses. I also get like that when I've been curled up on the sofa just watching telly - surrounded by a blanket. This I assume to be caused by my allgery to house dust mites. ...also when there's a fan near me blowing air at me. In your case, it sounds like hayfever, especially if it happened at the same time of year a year ago. Have you got a pet? Have you been tested for airborne allergies (like animal hair, pollen etc). Whenever I'm going to visit a house where there's a cat, or just when my eyes are getting that way, then I take a Clarityn (I don't know if you have that brand where you are - the drug's Loratadine I think (an anti-histamine)), and you can get it without prescription. It doesn't help my runny nose, but it does wonders for my eyes.


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