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Posted by Anne on July 04, 2000 at 10:54:11:

In Reply to: Re: Nut Allergy posted by E. McKenna on October 12, 1999 at 09:25:42:


I am allergic to most nuts. I've known this since I was a small child, but what wasn't known back then was that this was life threatening - many deaths I think being put down to asthma. Anyway, I have only just at the age of 24 had an allergy test - which I didn't need for my own knowledge, but which I needed before the doctor would give me an EpiPen or sign my Medic Alert form. I got handed a Medic Alert leaflet the first time I mentioned I had nut allergy in my new doctors surgery - so I don't know why other contributors to the message board don't seem to know as much about it, unless it's a mainly British organisation. Anyway, you can get a necklace, a bracelet, or one like mine, which is more like a wrist band (much more practical). It has the Medic Alert emblem on which is internationally recognised my medical workers, and the flip side gives a brief description of your problem (e.g., mine says "ALLERGIC: NUTS, RAW EGG. CARRIES ADRENALINE). It has my Medic Alert reference number and Medic Alert's UK phone number so that medical workers can ring for further details if they need to. It will hopefully mean that if I had a severe attack and was unable to speak to the medical workers, they could see from my bracelet that they shouldn't assume it's an asthma attack. Anyway, see, the website of the MedicAlert Foundation.


: : I found out in January that my 3 year old daughter has a nut allergy. Obviously, as a concerned parent, I'm wondering whether this is genetic (there are no nut allergy sufferers on my husbands side and, being adopted, I unfortunately don't know my family history).
: : I also want to learn as much information about medical issues concerning this matter.
: : There is an item of jewellery worn by people with rare blood groups in case of an accident, is there such a thing for children/adults with nut allergies?
: : I would truly appreciate any guidance that someone may be able to offer me.
: : Thank you
: : Ans Aspden

: : I myself have suffered from a severe nut allergy since birth and can appreciate how worried you
: must be. Although I have never heard of an "allergy bracelet" to alert strangers in the case of
: an emergency (which incidentally is a very good idea), it is important that your daughter carry an
: EpiPen or adrenaline pen with her at all times. I find that to keep it safe from harm in my bag,
: it fits neatly into a tupperware container and easily draws attention in the case of an emergeny
: (which in my case, saved my life 6 months ago). Incidentally, I do not believe that nut allergies
: are genetic as no such condition exists within my maternal or paternal family. Obviously, alert
: as many people/friends/relatives as possible, and there is no reason why there should be a problem -
: children like myself and your daughter are amazingly well equipped to deal with this situation.
: Good luck!

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