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Posted by [email protected] on July 21, 2000 at 12:09:30:

In Reply to: joint pain & allergies posted by Linda on July 19, 2000 at 21:43:46:

: Is there anyone out there who experiences horrendous joint pain during an allergy or asthma flare-up? Is it possible that this is related to my pollen, tree, weed,etc. allergies or that it could be stemming from some other allergy, for example, maybe a food? Any feedback would be appreciated. The pain is incredible!

this is very noramal if you are like me and have a latex or chemical allergy or the two combined the latex test is a rast test the chemical allergy test is a patech test called the true test.
between the two you hopefully will get the results you are looking for. for instatn if you are allergic to latex you are alleric to a array of protiens found in a array of items both mnatuarl such as flowers and trees and fruits and there by[products and foods which cintain these protiens and aklso you are allergic to the fragrance that these plants give off. such as lilies which are in great bloom right know. it causes great joint and other pain. i know i when from a healthy person to one with these horrible allergies and it almost took my life a feew times, it is important to be diagnoised for the right things so that the prop[er mendication can be given and you also have to find out exactly what you are allergic to so you can avoid these things so tha your body can heal--it is important to learn to detoxify your skin daily .. this is what has given me back my life. i am still in pain but can live with this pain. in 1998 i came home from mayo and was ready to order my wheel cahir i could barely bend to wipe my own butt. and walking even standing was a chore. i am able to move again and hopefully one day i will be free of all pain. my astma is gone this i thtank god for and a few other problems i had are gone also. so i am improving everyday. it is a lot of work and you need a doctor to suppley you with the correct medcication and you need to learn to eliminated everything you are allergic to from your body and air space. good luck and may god be with you

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