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Posted by T. on July 26, 2000 at 21:53:38:

In Reply to: Anyone else???? posted by Brooks on February 08, 2000 at 16:09:37:

: Everything here started well since I was born I got ear infections after ear infections etc...and again the doctor's just treated it with antibiotics. Until last May when I read an article about allergies that causes ear infections so I spoke to my doctor about that and I had to ask him if I could see a allergies! Like hello 18 years after! I can't blame it all on him because he has not been my doctor since I was born but it's kinda his fault not to see that I would get one when allergie season was out!
: I hope that anyone like this can let me know!!!!!!!!Write down below!!!!! Hope to hear from anyone!!
: Brooks :)

hi brooks
could be a milk allergy...I have read this many places.
Or could be chronic candidiasis...all the antibiotics kill the healthy flora in your intestines,
and this creates a perfect condition for normal yeast to overgrow in excess. which in turn causes
many symptoms. An easy book to read with two quizzes (short and long) to help determine
whether this is the cause is written by william G. Crook, M.D., entitled "The Yeast Connection"
A diet full of cheese, sugar, vinegar, excessive wheat, rye, oats, corn, etc..also make the
candida to overgrow. Garlic and onions help kill off the yeast. If a doctor who knows about this
problem finds out whether you have this, then he will probably give a perscription for nystatin
which helps to kill off the excess yeast. It is a hard thing to get into control, and a person must
be dedicated to a healthy diet (the book lists 4 diets, depending how bad the candida is). If
this might be your problem, and you can not find a doctor familiar with this, then the book
gives plenty of very helpful suggestions. Candida problems usually give many symptoms, all
of which are listed in the quizzes. Hope your search helps you find your cause.
I suggest you at least look at this book in a book store, I think most book stores would let
you order it just to look at it, if they do not have it. Find and take the quizzes.
By His Grace, T.

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