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Posted by [email protected] on August 06, 2000 at 12:19:58:

In Reply to: Anyone with similiar experience - PLEASE HELP as I need advice as I have been suffering for 6 months posted by Lawrence Levy on August 03, 2000 at 12:23:06:

: Hi everyone,

: This is my first post to the board and I need some help and/or advice.

: About 6 months ago, I started getting daily headaches which were concentrated around my eyes and back to my ears. My primary doctor thought it was a Sinus issue so he sent me to an ENT. After several tests and trials of medications, my headaches persisted and the ENT felt that I should see a Neurologist. The Neurologist thought it was chronic tension headaches so she put me on Nortryptyline and Propanolol, which I am still taking. This seemed to take the edge off the headaches but they seemed to transform into constant pressure around my eyes, cheeks and ears with some occasional head pain. I recently moved and went to see another ENT who thought it could be Eustacion Tube Dysfunction. He prescribed Entex which helps a little with the ear pressure. He did another series of tests but everything was normal so he recommended to go and see another Neurologist in my new town hwich I plan on doing.

: I had had seasonal allergies for years now. A once a season steriod shot seems to have helped in the past. I am wondering if this 6-month old issue could be allergy related (maybe food allergy or other typical allergy). Any advice would be appreciated!

: Thanks,
: Larry

larry has anyone told you you might have an over load of thiame in you system. the headack i had from this cause be to black out. after all the testing they decscide to tell me to eliminate the foods which contanin thiamine. it is in such foods a s bannanas avacadoes peas cream cheese sour crean all processed meats wine and beer licorices and cheese and pop and chocolate and much much more after three months of avoiding evertything on the list my head aches were gone everytime i start to get a headach i just have to elininate the foods for a few days and i am fine. i have problems in the summer with fresh peeas and drinking pop together so if i have one i do not have the other also having a latex allergy , which is most of thesee same foods and thechemical allergy the test is called the true test it is a patch test that the doctor does for you can tell you which chemicals you must stay away from. good luck if you have anyother question just email me okay peggy

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