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Posted by [email protected] on August 06, 2000 at 12:29:29:

In Reply to: Allergy/sensitivity to dyes/preservatives posted by Laurie on August 02, 2000 at 10:14:03:

: Does anyone know if it is possible to test for allergies and/or sensitivities to dyes and preservatives?? My four year old daughter breaks out in hives after eating some salad dressings and sauces. So far we have been unable to find a common ingredient. The pediatrician we saw said that they can't test for this type of allergy....I don't know why??? Recently she has started breaking out in hives that appear suddenly and disappear just as quickly. She wakes up in the night completely covered and itchy. Antihistamines seem to help but when we stop giving them to her the hives reappear. So far we can't figure out what's causing them. Can anyone help???
hi i know how she feeels it is most likely that she is allergic to the gums such as guar gum and xanthan gum these gums are related to the latex allergy john hopkins is doing studies on this know i have a latex allergy and my allergist told me that they are related and testing for this i am in my forties and extremely allergic to latex latex is not just glove ballooons and gym shoes change you r soap to sensitiev and free soaps for laundry and body and also get rid of the fabric softener in the house for a month w rinse the clothing with a cup of vinagar in the wash and do no wash her clothing with any elastic or rubber or iron on decaled colthing or computer printed clothing o r glued on disgines i know it sound like a lot but people and children die from a latex allergy there are two test one is the rast test for latex and the other is am patch test called the true test it is a patch test. good luck i hope she is not allergic to latex but if she is you have to get educated or she will be in pain the rest of her liffe. most of the latex allergy effect the inside of the body first. make sure you ask the doctor for a epi-pen this can save her life it ussually only works for 15 min so make use you have enough to hold you till she can get some help this is your responsiblity and doctors do not always suggest it from my experience.

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