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Posted by Larry on August 09, 2000 at 10:23:31:

In Reply to: Pressure to the Neck, Ears, and Head with lightheadedness posted by Chet on August 07, 2000 at 15:03:19:


I recently posted to the board complaining of similar problems. I had ear, eye, head, neck and face pressure/pain. For nine months, I saw ENT's, neurologists, allergists, etc. I had MRAs, MRIs, CatScans on my Sinuses, Audilogy and Typhanometrys tests, etc. Someone on this board was kind enough to mention that I should check into TMJ disorders.

Well I did some research on TMJ and went on Monday to see a Headache and Facial Pain doctor located in NJ who specializes in TMJ disorders. He took numerous X-Rays of my head, face, jaw and neck and also did a sonogram on my face. The bottom line is that my jaw and neck muscles are not properly aligned (probably caused by falling off my bike and cracking my two front teeth many years ago).

His treatment consists of a mouthpiece to be worn on the bottom teeth that is hardly noticeable and therapy sessions. He said that I will probably need to wear the mouthpiece for only 4-6 months. I left his office on Monday (8/7) with a temporary silicone mouthpiece as it takes 2 weeks for the more permanent one. Let's just say that Tuesday, 8/8/00 has been my best feeling day in 9 months.

I hope this helps and good luck.


: Hello:
: I need some help!!! I have been experiencing some aggrevating symptoms for over a year now. I have
: been having this considerable amount of pressure to my ears along with some very high pitch ringing.My
: hearing has been tested, and the ENT Dr's told me my hearing was astoundingly well, but they are
: extremely sensitive to a lot of sounds, in which I never was before. The pressure is constantly bearing at
: the base of my skull and to my neck. I constantly keep a headache either at the back of my head or to the
: forehead.
: My eyes seem to be affected by whatever is causing these symptoms, also. I have focusing problems,
: which causes me not to be able to wear my glasses because then my head hurts. I have went to 3 ENT's
: and have had an MRI, several Tympanometrys, Xrays of my sinsus and etc..... However, I do know I am
: allergic to mold, mildew, all sorts of Fall weeds, but I don't know what is causing these symptoms?
: I nee some help!!!!! Any info would definetly be appreciated.

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