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Posted by shane on August 14, 2000 at 23:13:52:

In Reply to: Re: I am miserable.......HELP!!!! It's allergy season !!!!! posted by p-LATEX@JUNO.COM on March 08, 2000 at 12:26:07:

: : I never post on boards but I am desperate. It is already getting bad here where I live in the South for allergies and stuff. Pollens and the whole 9 yards. I am so miserable. Nothing OTC helps. I've tried it all.
: : I can't breathe thru my nose. My head feels like it weighs 50 pounds or more. My ears are stuffy and my eyes sting and burn. I avoid going outside but due to work I have to venture out some. I just want to die at this point I feel so icky. The worst part is despite how terrible I feel, I can't sleep. Just miserable.
: : Even my face and teeth hurt but the post nasal stuff is clear so I know I am not infected.
: : Plus yesterday a friend of ours brought a dog over and I went to bed in bad shape last night. Mega pressure in my head and stuff.
: : My head is so full feeling. I've scratched at my scalp until it burns it feels so raw.
: : Sorry this is so long. I am just needing advice and to hear I am not alone in this misery.
: : Oh saw a news segment tonight saying it is truely allergy season here and it will be the worst ever.
: : HELP! Thanks.
: hi you do need some help- first you know that any allergies break down your immune systom .so you need to either go to the alternative docotor or to the health store and get you something to boost your immune systom. then you need to find out what is causeing all of this . you need to find a doctor taht finds you as a changlenge and not just another client. ther are all kind of allergy medication out ther you will need to find a doctor that will work with you it took me almost 5 years to find one but then agaain i di not now i was to ask if they liked changlenges. this is what the doctor i see now has told me. for some kind of relief did you ever buy the vinager book. all kind of good things in there . first did you know if you spray down the room from ceiling to carpet that is gets rid of order. it can be use on your fresh foods to get rrid of the sprays and you can rinse your carpet with it to make it soft and shiny. then you need to losen up all of that junk in side of you so with babies we would steam them meaning have a steamer in the room while you are sleeping. but maybe you need a charcoal air filter it has help me alot. good luck hope your feeling better i will say a pray for you

First off, Allergies do not break down or lower your immune system. Allergies are the result of a over sensitive immune system. In an allergic patient, the body looks at some little harmless thing like pollen and treats it like a bacteria or virus and fights to get rid of it. Ever notice the similarities between a cold and allergies?

Secondly, Allergies are a medical condition. Herbs and strange home remedies all make claims that they can stop allergies, cure arthritis, prevent cancer, and basically cure the world. My only problem with most of these remedies and Miracle Cures are that there is no medical evidence or history in clinical papers or studies to support most claims. Most prescription drugs carry dozens of supporting medical documents that prove they work and are safe to use.

Remember, Telling a person "God Bless You" after a sneeze was a home remedy to prevent your soul from leaving your body. It worked just about as well as vineger and herbs will work on allergies.

Go talk with a physician about your allergies. The $50-$100 dollars you may spend in getting a professionals advice is well worth the relief from the symptoms you will experience from some of the newer allergy treatments such as Claritin or Nasonex. Over 10 Billion people have experienced relief from allergies with these drugs.

Good Luck

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