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Posted by Tina Marie on August 18, 2000 at 23:50:34:

In Reply to: Re: Allergy to Alcohol? posted by fellow sufferer on August 04, 2000 at 17:42:25:

Hello everyone. Until tonight, I always told people I was allergic to alcohol, but didn't really know. When I have even just a half a glass of alcohol, my face starts burning and is bright red, very hot to touch, and my throat and chest get blotchy like hives. It's nice to know I have been telling people the truth, even if it was just a guess! Thanks, guys!

: Hello,

: I'm a European person, Nordic one might say, but still have what might be a version of the Asian problem. Sometimes (but not always) I get red blotches when I drink. I e I don't just go red, I go blotchily red, in really bad cases every single scar I have on my body, down to the toes, goes bright red, clearly delineated. It somestimes takes two beers, sometimes a lot more and sometimes doesn't happen at all. There are a few things I've noticed - first, that the condition is half psycho-somatic (i e as soon as you think about it, it starts coming on) ; secondly that it mostly happens when I drink "hard liqouer"; and that whenever it happens, it speeds up the pulse rate. Recently, I I've sometimes also got skipped heart beat when hung over or exerted whilst drunk, but that is probably a different issue (though my stress ECG is apparently "perfect' aside from slightly high blood pressure.) Anyone recognise these symptoms?

: : Hi, Guys.
: : I am not regular member of this board, but happened to be involved in this, I have little different symtoms,
: : It happens if i drink more than 250 ml beer ( But very little wine/whisky), i get red rashes on my skins, i feel likemu skin on those spots, is so thin, they becomes echy.
: : They stay on for 2-3 days, eching is like hell.
: : I got it checked by skin specialist, after 2 tests , he said it's mold allergy.
: : For some reasons, i am not tend to believe this,
: : If somebody has same kind of symtoms/allergy, has more details/solutions/detrimental effects,
: : i will appreciate, if you share it to me
: : Thanks
: : kan

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