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Posted by michele on September 06, 2000 at 13:54:22:

In Reply to: Allergies leading to eustachian tube dysfunction posted by Tanya on September 05, 2000 at 06:58:02:

Hello to you both...

I am in a similar situation. Since March of this year, I've been experiencing slight dizzyness, lightheadedness, ear pressure, pain/pressure in my face, and other symptoms I can't even remember right now. It was initially quite bad, so that for a few days I wasn't even sure whether I should be driving. Primary care doc said it was allergies. A couple of months later I finally got in to see the allergist, and he tested me for 72 common allergies (pollens, mold, etc.) I was only slightly allergic to dust mites, horses, and cockroaches. He didn't think those allergies were bad enough to cause my symptoms. I know that I am also allergic to some animals, and have now changed some things in my routine so that I am no longer exposed to them. However, I was pretty disappointed when he said that I wasn't very allergic to very many things, since then I wasn't sure what was causing the problems. Was on antibiotics for about 2 months, thinking maybe it was a sinus infection. Finally got in to see an ENT, who said that everything was fine as far as he could see. He suggested I stop using Flonase, as some people are sensitive to the alcohol base it is made in. That did help with the facial pain, but I am still having lots of ear pressure. He told me that I have oral thrush (probably from all the antibiotics), and that that could cause my ear pressure (I think the yeast is not just in my throat, but maybe also back in my Eustacian tubes, because when he stuck that scope up my nose and was looking around back there, he said he saw more of it). So, if you've been on a lot of antibiotics, that might be a possibility. My ENT seems to think that an allergy or a sensitivity is contributing to my symptoms, since he couldn't find any signs of infection or anything else wrong with me, but since the allergist didn't find anything, I'm not sure where to go from here. Maybe he missed something, or maybe I'm allergic to something he didn't test for? (foods, or something else?) Anyway, my ENT certainly seemed to think that ear stuffiness could be allergy related, so I hope that your allergist finds something! At least then you'll know what you're dealing with!

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