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Posted by Marilyn on September 19, 2000 at 08:37:39:

In Reply to: who thinks doctors are useless? & I thought I had it bad...---curious--- posted by daicheee on September 09, 2000 at 21:08:16:

Hi Daichee: Glad someone else has noticed that people on these boards don't seem
real responsive to questions; this is a really good and informative board but most people
dont respond; who knows why? Anyway, I have horrendous allergies; developed them after having a
a rhinoplasty(nose job ) in the late 70's. In 1980 I developed allergies to everything, including
odors and then I developed asthma. Allergy shots made ME MUCH MUCH WORSE. In fact,
I had a horrible reaction to the shots and the doctor wouldn't bellieve it; of course, after the
awful reaction I didn''t get the shots again. I went to another allergist and a year later he
thought he wuold see if I could take the shots and I had a reaction(although milder because he
used a smaller dose). For most people however, allergy shots seem to work. I gave up
on all the physicians, shots, tests, etc and maintain myself on allergy pills per prescription
and I take them when I need them. I also had several sinus type of surgeries, the last one
being 15 years ago which opened my nose (which was totally blocked from allergies). I can't
handle strong smell like paint, new carpeting; I use hairspray because I have to but I spray it
and run out of the room. It is a drag but I have learned how to manage it; my allergies will
never go away but you learn how to manage it. By profession I deal with medical malpractice;
you talk about useless doctors; some physicicans really are dangerous; most are pretty
decent but consumers should consider that they are evaluating their physician and if
they have concerns and can't discuss these concerns they should consider getting
another opinion----
Have a nice day

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