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Posted by peggy on September 30, 2000 at 22:55:48:

In Reply to: Allergies and sleeplessness/anxiety? posted by Michelle on September 28, 2000 at 15:18:51:

: My 8 yr daughter has allergies/allergic asthma. She takes 3 inhalers, steroidal nose spray, and antihistamine pills 2 times a day. The question is this: she has been having a lot of anxiety and phobias about illness and dying. This mainly happens at bed time and a few hours after she falls asleep. She sometimes gets hysterical. Could this have anything to do with meds or allergies? It seems to be some kind of anxiety disorder. It is progressively getting worse. Extreme hypochondria.

michelle i have a sever latex allergy. and before i learn to deal with this allergy and what it is i felt like your daughter. if you would like me to answer any of you or your daughter question about allergies from a person who has them i would be happy to help. has she been tested for a latex allergy? in this day and age it is very important because we live is a latex world. also see a dermatologist or ask you priomary doctor to give her a patch test called the true test. reason why . if she is allergic to chemicals such as colonphony rosin or MBT she is having a reaction to soaps-fabric softeners- almost all scented and frangrances even if they are all natural,.
at bed time she is washing before bed and brushing her teeth putting on nice clean pj and maybe eveeen haveing a bath with bubbles. if she is allergic to chemicals this could be what is causeing a reaction. you need to find out thta she is not allergic to these things so you can make here bedroom safe for her. loook up cebral allergies-- for you this is how your child feels and can not explain it to you after reading this you can understand she is not the only one. you could lookup fabric softener allergies too. these are great sites for parents so they can understand how there child feels. if i can help at all just email me here or at [email protected]

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