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Posted by Ann on October 07, 2000 at 00:44:56:

In Reply to: Allergic reaction which affects my lips posted by Rob on August 24, 2000 at 04:18:19:

: I get an allergic reaction to something that causes part or all of my top or
: bottom lip to swell up. It usually subsides after about a day, but i've
: checked what i've eaten and come into contact with and can see no pattern.

: The weird thing is that this happened again last night and i've also go a
: lump on my left arm, half way between my elbow and hand. The third finger on
: my left hand is also swollen.

: Has anyone heard of anything similar and what should my next step be?

: Thanks

: Rob

The symptoms you describe are very similar to the ones I've had for just over a year now;
I get weird raised patches of varying sizes over different parts of the body and/or swellings
on the face - usually eyes or mouth. I haven't worn my rings for three months, since all my
fingers started swelling and I spent a desperate half-hour or so working off my wedding ring.
My eyes and lips have often swollen so much that I look like a battered wife, which is definitely
not the case; my most recent scare was a week ago, when my tongue swelled during the night
- enough to force my lower jaw down out of shape, and left teethmarks in the sides of my tongue
from the pressure.

I carry an 'Epipen' at all times in case of emergency, but my Doctor and an Allergist I visited are
both mystified about the cause and I can't link the problem to any food, drink or chemical. I
can feel when an 'attack' is coming on: I get an itchy, raised spot just like an insect bite - if I
start taking Benadryl immediately, I can sometimes catch it before it gets worse, but if it's
allowed to develop, it will be there for a couple of days, then take two or three more days to
subside, at which time the area becomes achy, rather than itchy.

On the soft tissue of the body, the area can be several inches across, pink, raised about 1/8",
and very itchy. I've gone into rather more detail here than I intended, but I just wondered if any
of it might sound familiar to you or other readers - I don't wish anyone any harm, but it's so nice
to know that I'm not alone! Unless other people actually witness these symptoms, I often
wonder if they think I'm making it all up - it's a bit frustrating to hear your Doctor refer to you as
"my mystery patient"! I hope I haven't scared you if your symptoms aren't this bad yet, but if I
eventually discover something that brings permanent relief, I promise that I'll come back and
post news of it on this message board!


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