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Posted by p-latex22AOL.COM on November 05, 2000 at 13:06:13:

In Reply to: Can Allergies Cause Flu-Like Symptoms? posted by Donna on November 04, 2000 at 16:51:50:

: For over a year now, I've been bombarded with chronic sinus pressure/pain, fatigue, chills, fever, etc. I've had numerous antibiotics, but the symptoms just keep coming back. I don't know if it is allergies (which I do have)or a virus that I can't get rid of, or keep catching again. Anything anyone had to say would be most appreciated. I am very tired of feeling ill.

from someone who has a sever latex allergy i understand-- it is my oppion you could have a latex allergy but there is an importatn thing to understand. when you feel feverour do you have a fever or is it tht you skin is hot and burning. because i know from experience that buring skin can be from the latex allergy to the point it can kill you because. i have been there. one thing i have learned about a latex allergy is that you should be tested for latex but also test with a patch test callerd the true test for the chemicals use in relationship to with rubber to produce latex.. latex does brakd down the immune systems and cause a extremely a large number of problems in my case. i was always told that the testing they did did not show anything. except till near death and that was high fever and liver a d cholestaral of the charts.

you have to boost your immunes system . you own body needs to help you help your self. there are all kingd of foods and supplements which can do this. then you need to know what you are allergic to and eleinate from your home and life. it is hard i have been through this for over five years. best of luck need someone to talk to email any time

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