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Posted by Ellis Nishimoto on November 08, 2000 at 23:22:51:

In Reply to: Acupuncture? posted by Scott on October 02, 2000 at 00:00:22:

: My wife suffers from chronic airborne allergies (rag weed, pollen mold …. You name it). A friend of ours strongly recommended that she get acupuncture to relieve it. Has anyone else tried it? Any other suggestions for treatments? She currently has to get allergy shots weekly (at least) and take tones of medicine for it. Any and all help is appreciated.

: Thank you.

I have had severe allergy problems for approx. 33 years, sneezing, swollen & itching eyes, unable to sleep, extreme fatigue, sinus drainage, coughing, mucus & fluid in my throat and lungs, and headaches. Approx 33 years ago I went to a private doctor, had allergy test done, & started injections. When that alone didn't help, I was also given prescription drugs, then prescription nasal sprays, then prescription throat sprays. " Nothing Worked " Then I switched to a HMO, & went through the same process ( every drug, & spray was tried ). I was constantly sick without a minute of relief. I started using Cloroseptic spray, bags of cough droups, & over the counter allergy medicines. At this point I was also vomiting from my allergies, so I did'nt even care if I overdosed. One of my co-workers who saw me vomiting recomended I try his Acupuncture Doctor ( I did not believe in Acupuncture ), but I was desperate!. I went & after some tests, I was given injections at Acupuncture points. By the time I left the doctors office," I had no symptions of allergies "
My wife ( who was with me ), and I could not believe this miracle. I have been feeling great ever since. I am omitting this doctors name because I don't know if we are allowed to do this on this message board. I know how bad the suffering is. " I wish you well! "

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