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Posted by Britt on December 01, 2000 at 16:37:36:

For wierd reason consistantly in winter i would have mornings that started off as a stuffy nose and drowziness. Soon my nose would get a little runny, i would get chills, the sweats and hotness on the inside,scratchy itchy throat, itchy eyes and severe fatigue to the point where i could just fall asleep on the spot. When spring came along i just had terrible stuffiness with green mucous. One time i fell asleep when i had a stuffy nose, i felt so extremely warn down.I went to an allergist he gave me a scratch test and said i wasn't swelling up to any of the allergens. I got a little bump on one of them. He said i could have minor allergies or be allertgic to something that was not on the test. I thought i had a cold all the time, because i felt so extremely weak. It will come once a week last for like 6 days go away for a couple of days and come back. For some reason it happens only THIS FREQUENTLY in winter. I must be allergic to something in Winter air, but what? It comes in Summer and Spring to but not every week. Last spring i thought had constant sinusitis, every day greenn mucus would be oozing out of my nose! Sometimes my eyes itch so bad i could just jump out of my skin!!!! I got a catskan of my sinuses they saw nothing the said! What kind of allergies are these? Is this just allergies playing some crazy tricks on me? I am suffering from it now, my throat is sore, my eyes itch a little, i have a crusty nose, before i was sneezing and my nose hurt, chills, sweats and severe fatigue!! I can tell the difference between this and a cold. I take allegra d now. What can i do to stop this, it is affecting me physically. I would truly appreciate it very much if anyone responded! I cannot take this stuff anymore, i need some advice! You can e-mail me at [email protected] or just post, either would be EXELLENT!!
Thankyou so vey much,

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