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Posted by marilyn on December 02, 2000 at 15:05:48:

I have a 13 year old autistic boy who is non-verbal but can talk to me via computer. He has had a very bad year with problems being treated as ENT or behavioural. We saw tics back in August and in October 2 weeks of seizures which he says started from eating an egg to which he is confirmed allergic. I did not see the onset of the seizures but picked him up next day when he appeared to have no balance and great fluid waves moving through his body. He was very tired. That night he was doubled over clutching his throat. Next day he was having problems and would stand in front of something to fall on arms out shoulder height, hands head height hands wobbling before flopping. Over the next few days we saw extremities affected, lunging and rolling over onto back, dropping to knees clutching chest sometimes with one arm outstretched over the head repeating touching something as if reaching for it. The changteover seemed to occur overnight from one symptom to another. Augmentin reduced the rate of these things significantly. The culmination though was for every point where he has had a previous allergic reaction before to become inflammed. Over the inside right elbow joint and the face. A blotchy rash dropped down to form a ball in the middle of his chest with a line going up the rigfht shoulder. The right hand side of his forehead was hot and red. Next morning his forehead had a ring of dark veins showing. The worst thing was I could not get any medical support - the whole thing being treated as behavioural because of his autism. He was begging for help and there was nothing I could do. He is much better but seems to have become allergic to everything. Most things he eats make his ears go red and he is in great pain. He also has had a reaction from something as simple as sniffing a picture in a kids book. Ears red, temple inflammed and eczema on bridge of nose.

My son says he has had a problem with his ears and inflammation since the age of 7 and I am quite worried that he may have a chronic condition. All the paediatrician said to me when I described the symptoms was `I see he's got encaphelitis now has he - I don't think so - he would be dead' and sent me packing. `everything he is and does is because he is autistic'
Anyone come across symptoms like this before

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