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Posted by Paul on December 03, 2000 at 19:50:14:

In Reply to: Re: Allergic to alcohol? posted by Linda H on October 30, 2000 at 11:39:52:

: Hi
: I have the same symptoms too and the women in my family all have alcohol allergies. If we drink a little, we end up red and blotchy, if we drink a lot or have strong liquor, we develop hives. I always considered this a semi-blessing since I have an excuse not to succumb to drinking by peer pressure. Believe me, the more you're exposed to it, the worse it may get. Light social drinking is ok, but the last time I drank heavily was 5 years ago and I ended up with hives for 3 months. Suffice it to say, I never drank that much again.....

: : :Hello Deanna
: : I have exactly the same kinds of symptoms when I drink alcohol and like you they are intermittent and inconsistent. Sometimes I will be fine, other times I'm not. Some drinks are worse than others e.g. wine, I nearly always end up red, blotchy and hot and generally look like a panda or as though someone has slapped my face. Other drinks will cause the reaction one day and not another. Unfortunately because of the allergy I have gone off most alcohol and can't enjoy drinking it, however, this can cause problems when out as most people just don't understand and think that you are boring. I'm interested to find out through this web site that there are so many fellow sufferers as I have never come across anyone with the same problem before.

: : : : About 70% of the times that I consume alcohol I experience an intense heat on my face as well as tightness of skin and a blotchiness. What's strange is the inconsistency. Am I allergic to alcohol? The other day I drank three sips of beer and my face became so hot that my eyes literally burned as if close to a fire. I'm afraid of a severe allergic reaction. I'm not a frequent user and wonder if I need just to completely abstain. I don't see how I can drink the same brand of beer or wine and sometimes have this experience and other times not.

: : : Hi Deanna, You could have a yeast problem.All alcohol is produced by a fermentation process. This makes alcohol an aggravating substance and you can't be diagnosed for candidiasis except by the symptomes. If you have had antibiotics recently-- you may have developed a yeast infection. Good Luck---Harry

Hi Folks, I too have the same reaction to alcohol. Red wines are by far the most problematic. It was tough sneaking alcohol as a youngster at family functions due to this problem. My symtoms start with red blotchy spots all over my body. My heart rate increases dramatically, my nasal passages swell only allowing me to breath through my mouth. I wonder how many of you have an Asian background. I have met only one other person with this allergy and she was Asian/American like myself.

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