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Posted by Barbara on December 04, 2000 at 22:52:14:

Hi I am in the medical feild & draw blood. I have been doing this for 8 years now. I have been having what what seems to me like an allergy attack daily ( 2 times a day) My symptoms are a bad coughing attack,I cant catch my breath, my eyes water as if I was pepper sprayed. thn after the attack subsides, some loose phlem will come up. Then Im Ok. First of all let me say I have had these attacks 2 times before( years ago) both after I drew blood on a patient. At that time I blew it of assuming I may have been allergic to the perfume or colone that someone was wearing. Up to date. I had step throat ( Nov. 7th) took my Meds & was fine . Then I started last week w/ a slight drip. Then the attacks. It was Thurs. 2 times One while still drawing a Patient. and one after I was done another patient. Then Once Friday. Sat & Sun I did not go to work & did not have an attack though still had a drip & dry cough.Today at work I had 2 One after drawing a Patient and one on the phone no where near latex gloves or cotton balls. Here is my questions. I know it seems like its the gloves or cotton balls causing this but why now Im 33/F around those products for 8Y. Also I had changes clothes detergents about 2 weeks ago could this be the culprit? If it is why am I Ok at home? Or could all of this just be a regular sinus drip aggrivated by the cotton & or latex gloves? Any suggestions, Also what should I take . Im on a budget & do not have health Ins. Please Email Me [email protected]


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