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Posted by sharon s. on December 05, 2000 at 18:48:44:

In Reply to: Re: allergy to meat? posted by A. Hotz on September 10, 2000 at 13:09:50:

Does anyone know of a child's meat allergy called LLD?? If so please reply.........
: : : I get severe migraine like headaches and the cause turned out to be the source of the meat, not the type of animal
: : : . Now that I buy organic beef and chicken at my local Whole Foods Grocery, not only do I not get headaches, but the meat is very tender. Apparently the antibiotics and bacterial growth in meat from the regular grocer is toxic to my system. If you don't have an organic grocery, then I'm sure there are butchers around who carry organic meat. Good luck. : My husband also has digestive upset when he eats beef. This also happens when he eats lamb, so be careful. I also suggest a word of advise read labels, because there can be hidden beef in food products you buy. Best wishes, Jo

: : My husband has food poisoning symptoms when no one else does when eating some meat like hamburger. (not every time) He has hot & cold chills, headache, digestive upset. Could it be an allergy to a perservitive used in meat?

: : I ALSO HAVE a meat allergy. We finally got it narrowed down yesterday when I broke out in
: hives again after having eaten a hamburger -- an absolutely nothing else. We had long suspected
: meat but now we are sure. It doesn't have to be hamburger - on two occasions it was prime rib. This
: does not happen every single time I eat beef, so this is very difficult to understand. Is it possible that
: the grocery store (PUBLIX) uses some kind of a preservative? I am very sensitive to neurotoxins
: and other synthetic chemicals.
: A. Hotz
: :

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