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Posted by Lisa and my son Cole on December 13, 2000 at 10:52:17:

In Reply to: Re: Red food dye, intolerance in 2 yr old posted by Carole Leonard on September 02, 2000 at 00:01:37:

My son is just turning 3 this month. On Sunday we went to a birthday party and Cole ate a red rose off of the birthday cake. 2 days later Cole turns into a monster child!!!!! He seems so angry and it's to the point that I worry what if someone hurt him to make him act this way. I know that it is the red dye but it just amazes me how this sweet perfectly gentle child can all of a sudden turn into this argumentative violent angry aggressor. He disagrees with everything anyone says to him. Cole also reacts the same way from almost every antibiotic and cough suppressant. I had talked to an allergist about 6 months ago and he basically blew me off because he said that it doesn't make any sense for it to take 2 days for the reaction to hit considering food exits your body in 24 hours. But I swear it does! If I gave Cole some Tylenol or some V8 splash fruit juice today he would turn into Mr. Hyde by Friday but not before. Is there a web site that gives a list of the items that have this dye in it? If so will you please let me know? I was diagnosed with ADHD as a child and I bet I was allergic to red dye.

: : : Thank you for your responses! My daughter has the aggressive behavior you note when she gets anything with red 40 in it too, she also gets extremely hyper and uncontrollable. Yes, I have heard yellow dye is a common companion to red dye intolerance, however, she doesn't appear to have it. I find it amazing what foods contain red dyes - things that you would never think of (white icing, vanilla icecream). I am learning to cope and have an allergist appointment for her in April (1st available). Any other advise or comments please feel free to contact me & thanks again.

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: : : : :My son is allergic to milk protein, citrus fruit , tomato, and red 40. He was diagnosed with asthma and eczema at six months, these symptoms dissappeared when I took him off dairy and citrus. I confirmed the allergies by having him tested. He is now three and if he eats food with red 40, his behavior becomes violent or bizarre and he complains of a headache. I am having him tested for other chemical sensitivities that were not included in the original tests. I hear that yellow is also a common trigger.Good Luck, jennifer.
: : : : : Susan

: : For many years I have been concerned about this because my 8 yr old son has shown those symptoms.
: : He usually behaves like any normal kid but can quickly become hyper, uncontrollable and very aggressive for no apparent reason. We have determined that a certain type of dye in cheese,
: : and some candies have a very negative effect on his metabolism. This has been observed since the time he was a toddler and old enough to eat cheese. 'NO' he did not outgrow this. He was tested for allergies but he did not have any. The only thing we can do it seems, is watch what he eats and drinks.

: :I too have a 4 year old son that seems to be allergic to dyes, especially red dye #40. I have kept him off of dyes as much as possible. He shows the same symptoms of hyperactivity, aggressiveness, and irritability. He also had a very unusual symptom - stuttering. We have an appointment with a pediatric allergist soon. I am interested in finding out if any of the parents have encountered stuttering as a symptom of allergic reactions? Also, what is APO-Carotenal? I think it and Annatto might have caused a severe reaction today. It is in a popular canned pasta meal.

: Thanks, Carole

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