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Posted by Ann on December 21, 2000 at 18:44:33:

In Reply to: Allergies leading to eustachian tube dysfunction posted by Tanya on September 06, 2000 at 08:12:34:

: : : To any other sufferers out there!!
: : : I am a 29 year old fit female who has been suffering with eustachian tube dysfunction for the last 8 months. It was brought on by a bad cold and I still have the symptons of fullness in both ears, dizzy spells from time to time, a loss of concentration and the overall feeling of wooziness or being "in a daze" quite frequently. If I drink alcohol or am tired, all symptons are way worse!

: : : I have been going to an ENT doctor for quite some time and have tried a host of medications. I have been on decongestants, antibiotics and steroids such as flixonase (a nasal spray). I actually found the antibiotics made the full feeling worse.

: : : I have also tried n-acetylcystene (an anti-oxidant) - which is meant to help remove excess mucus from the body and papaya enzyme and Zinc (and I am currently on all three still, for I had read on the Net that they had worked for some people). I also got Humibid sent from the States (for I am living in England) and am now taking that and so far it has yet to do anything!

: : : I now take many more vitamins per day to help boost my immune system! My doctor won't put tubes in my ears (called a myringotmy) until I have tried all avenues. My next step is to see an allergist (which is not going to happen until close to December 2000, due to slowness getting in to see specialists here). From reading many entries on this site, it seems to be obvious that I am allergic to something or many things around me. I have found I get watery eyes and sneeze quite frequently. Really it could be anything - milk, dust, mold, fruit, etc. I really hope that the allergy app't comes up with some answers for me, for my life has been dramatically affected from this problem.
: : : Would love to hear from anyone with any suggestions or comments concerning my situation. xxTanya
: :

: : Tanya,

: : I,m so glad to here that I,m not alone!! Back in Jan. of this year I started having fullness in both my ears and an awful disconnected feeling all the time. It scared me so much at first I thought I had had a stroke or somthing I had such fullness in my face and forehead and my ears felt so full all the time . I saw my G.P who sent me to an ENT who then sent me to a allegy Dr. I was tested and found out I have allergies to many things. (mold, pollen, dust, animals ect.) He said the foggy feeling that I have is most likley is due to the allergies and the fact that my ears tubes are closed. Do you get headaches often? Does your memory seem to be affected at all? Im so tired of feeling like I'm in a dream all the time . I have started allergy shots and hope one day to be back to normal. Good luck!!

: Sandy -
: You sound to be experiencing exactly the same symptons that I have. It really is awful to go from being a healthy happy person, to suddenly having to drag yourself up in the morning, explaining to people that you aren't feeling 100%, and that you just don't have the energy you used to. All I really want now is to be back to normal and not have this overall lack of concentration!!
: Yes, I do get head-aches from time to time and my memory is awful (comparatively to what it used to be).
: Sandy, is the doctor telling you that the allergy shots will rid you of the fullness feeling in your ears (help your ear tubes open) and "perk" you up or help you to feel like you used to?? Have there been many other cases of people in to your doctor with the same problem and have they been solved?? How long have you been getting shots and are they meant to be the answer??
: I am really eager to follow your progress if you have yet to know the answer to these questions. So please keep in touch on this message board. Good luck with everything!! Tanya


I have a closed left eustachian tube as the result of an ear infection. I've tried all the decongestants, etc. to no avail. I've even gone to a doctor that treats TMJ. He discovered that I had some arthritis in the opposite jaw which he thought pulled too much on my eustachian tube keeping it closed. I wore a splint in my mouth for four months. No luck. But that might be an answer for some. It's worth a try. My question is, if your problem was caused by a bad cold, could it then be allergies?? I have a hard time making the connection. I may try an allergist too.

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