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Posted by ANISSA on October 11, 1999 at 11:34:09:

In Reply to: Re: Hives specialist posted by anissa on October 08, 1999 at 19:22:29:

: :

: : : : RE: following previous message (below)

: : : : I have had severe chronic urticaria for 25 years now and finally I have found an Rx that allows me to live with this condition comfortably. It is Zyrtec. I take 1 tablet a day and hives are controlled. I experience NO side effects ....including drowsiness. In past years I have used many drugs with side effects from: attarax, prednisone, Susphrine (injected adrenalin), the lost goes on. If you haven't tried Zyrtec, I highly reccommend asking your doctor for it. Good luck!
: : : : Reenie

: : : : : For the past 2 years I've suffered with hives due to
: : : : : allergies to ragweed, mold, grass, and dust. During the months of May, June (and now March and April)
: : : : : August, Sept, and Oct. I am so sensitive that I can't go out of my house. If I do go out just a little exposure will cause severe itching and stinging, flu-like symptoms, headaches that last for about a week. Sleep is near impossible. The rest of the year I have hives, but they are milder. Currently I'm on
: : : : : Atarax, Accolate and I'm almost done about 2 years
: : : : : worth of shots, which aren't helping. Has anyone
: : : : : else had any sucess with any other therapy for hives/
: : : : : allergy? Can anyone recomend an allergist and/or
: : : : : dermatologist who specializes in hives or has a lot
: : : : : of experience in it? I live about 50 miles west of
: : : : : Philadelphia, Pa. not far from West Chester and
: : : : : Downingtown. I am willing to travel a distance, even
: : : : : outside my area to find an expert. Thanks.

: : : Thanks Renee. I am already on Zyrtex 2x per
: : : day, Zantac 2x per day and up to 100mg atarax
: : : per day as needed. Still I am having difficulty.
: : : Jeanne M.

: I have these allergies as well and as you,I have tried everything including zyrtec without any results. My Dr. prescribed a DOS PACK , I am not sure of the name but I am sure your Dr. will know, this has been successful after the first dose for me.
: Good Luck!,

: my hives.

JEANNE-dont know if you got my last message because I dont know what I am doing here but the name of the dos pack is: methylprednisolone tablets USP (21 pack) 4mg. , they are working for me right now.......Anissa

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