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Posted by Cathy on October 23, 1999 at 15:48:16:

In Reply to: Cosmetics allergy. Any ideas? posted by Yelcha on October 13, 1999 at 16:30:56:

Everyone has different allergies but I have found only one water based makeup, Covergirl, that I can tolerate. Unfortunately, it is dry and makes me look horrible. I have tried all department store brands including Clinque and none are anti allergenic, only hypoallergenic. (Meaning less allergenic.) I do not wear base anymore, because once I get those little fine pimple like hives all over my face, it takes two months for it to go away. I get dry cracked lips from some lipsticks. The solution is to not wear base from a retailer. Go to a whole foods grocery that has a large but fairly reasonable cosmetic section like Whole Foods Grocery. I can use chapstick but have decided that vanity is a waste of money and just a cover up. My complexion has never been better since I switched to a moisturizer/astringent regime. I use Nature's Gate astringent and the same moisturizer. As far as lipstick, Bonnie Bell is fairly good because they are not heavy lipsticks and more like moisturizer. My face used to be horrible, now I get compliments from people who don't even know me about my beautiful complextion. I'm convinced. As far as the under lying cause - try drinking spring water. The chlorine in drinking water is highly allergenic. Water is the cleansing source in your body and it can cause all kinds of allergic reactions because of the chemicals used to purify it. You may have to go as far as filtering your shower head to keep from bathing in the chlorine. Allergic reactions are the result of many "offenders" building up in your body. To cure the small allergies like lipstick, you have to eliminate the things that are suppressing your kidneys - like chemicals in your food and water (and yard.) Hope this helps.
: I seem to have developed an allergy to my lipsticks (all of which are various colors and brands, etc.). By the end of the day my lips are red, swollen and itchy. I have read that there is little to no regulation on what is labeled "hypoallergenic". Is there a line of cosmetics that is truly hypoallergenic or good for very sensitive skin?

: Are there specific ingredients that I should avoid?

: ANY information would be very much appreciated!!

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