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Posted by Jeanne M on November 21, 1999 at 10:52:44:

In Reply to: Itchy arms posted by anita on October 25, 1999 at 00:26:38:

Maybe you are allergic to ragweed or mold. Where I live (east coast) ragweed pollinates from mid- August thru October. Also at that time
mold is increasing and it gets worse in the fall.
I get itching, burning and stinging all over my
body from pollens and molds - my doctor has diagnosed me with "hives"
sometimes there is nothing to show for it, other
times it is flat blotches, or some light flushing.
Most people who have hives, say they are worse at night. My doctor says this is due to
cicadean (??spelling) rhythems - apparently our
immune system lowers at night . Also most people with hives notice that it gets worse with
heat - say a hot shower or being in the sun. It
might be a good idea to get tested by an allergist. In the meantime, try limiting your time outdoors at this time, and take a cool shower
after being outside - or if this isn't feasable, take
a cool shower at night. Also change your clothing after you've been out. This will help a
lot if it is pollen and mold. Oh, and also stay
away from damp areas like the basement. Also
make sure you do the obvious things like keeping your windows closed in the house and
the car and in the summer running airconditioning. And a hepa filter in the bedroom
wouldn't hurt. I hope I was of some help. Best wishes to you. Jeanne M.

: each year, in the late summer months, I suffer from a terrible itch in my arms. It happens usually at night, and sometimes when I am driving in the sun. The only relief is ice. It is a strange feeling, almost like my nerves are burning until I rub or scratch them. My doctor is at ends. This will go on until about the middle of November. Then stop until the next year. It is driving me crazy.

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