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Posted by Barbara on November 30, 1999 at 11:58:55:

In Reply to: red food dyes and possible allergies posted by c hammon on October 10, 1999 at 09:46:39:

: A friend of mine has a son that is almost seven (7) years old. He is very active, and some would even say he is hyper.
: My friend already this school year, was asked to come in and talk with the child's teacher and school principle. Their discussion
: included an idea that he may or may not have an allergy to food dyes. Is this hyperness of a child a sympton of a food dye allergy? Or perhaps
: is his diet of sugars, and sweetened cereals the main factor?

: Would a process of elimination each week be a place to start? (ie... remove from his diet, all sugared cereals one week, and log the results if any, and
: continue with another food or drink that may or may not have these food dyes.)

About 2 weeks ago, it occured to me that the cause of my 10 year old son's eczema in the bend in his arm, on his hands, neck, and around his mouth might be related to a food dye. He had been on every antibiotic and skin cream under the sun, all to no avail. He had gotten a number of starburst candies at Halloween and when he quit eating the starburst for a couple of days, it got better. (We were working on elimination theroy.) Then he snuck one and we were right back to square one. When I told his doctor I thought it was a food dye, she agreed that was likely. I have attempted to cut out anything (including vitamins) which might contain Red 40. As of this morning, the rash in the arm is gone and his mouth is pretty cleared up.

This has been an aggravation situation for most of his life and we even did allergy testing on him two years ago. I think it would be a good idea if, when they do allergy testing, those dyes would be included. If you read this and you suspect food dyes might be the cause of similar symptoms, please email me as I am going to compile a list of people who have this allergy and work on writing letters to food producers asking them to eliminate these dyes from their products.

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