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Posted by fg on December 05, 1999 at 15:37:48:

In Reply to: Re: Allergy to Alcohol? posted by Cathy on October 23, 1999 at 16:25:24:

: You have developed an intolerance for sugar and hopefully not diabetes. Have your blood profiled. I have a couple friends with this problem. One gets red hives on his face, the other gets bloodshot eyes after one drink. They are both intolerant of alcohol. The real problem is drinking period. One or two glasses in a week never hurt anyone, but others who drink regularly (weekly) ruin their organs. You may not want to hear this but this is the first sign of what some call physical alcoholism not because you are a habitual drinker but because you are intolerant. There are some people who can't drink but continue to. If you are one of those unfortunate ones, you continue to subject your kidneys and liver to what they consider poison (just like an allergy) and you eventually destroy them. That's when you become diabetic. If you eat lots of fruit, sodas or other sugary sweet items, it compounds with the sugar in your drinks and overdoses your body. Throwing up, vomiting and hives are your bodies signal that your blood sugar is too high and the alchohol can't be tolerated by your organs. Alcohol is a poison but we forget that when we put it in a sweet liquid and drink it. You could visit an allergist for the most professional opinion but insist that he test you for diabetes and hypoglocemia. There may be treatment but only an allergist can say. You may need allergy shots which may allow you to have an occasional drink but if diabetes is the problem then you should never drink again. Good luck and don't forget to have the blood profile.
: : Ever since a bad experience with alcohol a couple of years ago, i have been having very
: : strong reactions whenever i drink. Before this incident, i did have some kind of reaction to
: : alcohol, having a red face and increased heart beat. Now, i have the same symptoms, but
: : in addition if feel very ill to the stomach and have the need to regurgitate the alcohol. I do not
: : feel drunk at all during this experience, which occurs from as little as 1/2 a bottle of alcohol.
: : I am a male from an asian background, so i am aware that many other people like me have
: : a low tolerance to alcohol.
: : Have i developed a violent allergy to alcohol? Am i now intolerant of this substance now? Is
: : there any way for treatment of such an allergy/intolerance?

: : Thanks,

: : RE

I too have had a prolem with alcohol. In researching for myself I came across a great book that has helped me immensly. It's called 'Seven Weeks to Sobriety'. From my memory I recall a section in the book that I believe states that half of Asian pop. lack one of the enzmes essential for converting alcohol to the "harmless" by-products so that the body can rid the body of the toxins. It appears from my reading that these people have little chance of becoming alcoholic and my take is that they should just avoid alcohol. The book is a great read for anyone caring to understand the biochemical causes of alcoholism and I would highly suggest it. Hope this helps. Sincerely, fg

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