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Posted by Dave on December 15, 1999 at 05:18:26:

In Reply to: How safe are allergie shots?? posted by Brooks 18 years old on December 14, 1999 at 16:01:09:

: Hello everyone

: I'm new at this site and I've suffered last year a cold/allergie season through April to October now the doc will give me allergie shots in Feb. How safe are they!!?? Do you get sick after?? I'm getting a series of three!

: Can anyone help. Posting a message would really help! I hope some teenagers could post messages to wich would really help!

: Thanks a lot!

I took regular allergy shots from the age of four until I was 22. Anyone who asks me I tell them that it is safer to suffer.

Are you going to have a series of three shots total, or a regular series of three shots? It makes a big difference. If a doctor told me that three shots were all that I needed to control my allergies, I would find a new doctor, quick. Immunotherapy, on the other hand, is a time proven way of managing severe allergies, but there are some things that people don't get told about there, either. For the most part, immunotherapy is safe, but the potential of anaphylaxis and other severe side effects make it somewhat like playing Russian Roulette. The law of averages will eventually catch up with you. The doctors will tell you that anahpylactic reactions to allergy shots are rare. It only happened to me twice in eighteen years.

The other possibility is that your doctor is wanting to give you a series of shots that will suppress your immune reaction to allergens. This is usually done with a type of steroid, and there are serious risks there, also. The most common steroid used for this is Kenalog, in an 80mg. dose. This is quite effective, but the side effects have been known to be pretty unpleasant.

In closing, anybody who is considering any kind of injection for allergy relief should approach the treatment with extreme caution, or as a last resort.

Good luck.

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