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Posted by Keith Glass on December 23, 1999 at 17:46:15:

We're having what I **THINK** is an extended allergic
episode in my youngest daughter, age nine. It started
on Monday evening, she reported being "itchy", and when
examined, had a rash over her chest and back, and hives on one shoulder. LOOKED like an allergic reaction to me, we'd just gotten her a new comforter, so I was proceeding on the assumption that she was sensitive to something like formaldehyde or other packing material/chemical. So, we showered her off,
fed her some generic Benadryl, and the rash and hives
faded. We washed the suspected comforter and sheets several times.

But Tuesday night, they were back again, along
with a pain in one foot (part of her foot WAS slightly
swollen). So we treated with Benadryl, Ibuprofen, and an Aveeno bath. Yesterday, the pain had moved to the knee, and the rash re-appeared, along with a few other
areas of hives, and a swollen upper lip. She HAD been hugging a new stuffed animal immediately prior to breaking out, so we quarantined the toy from her, re-treated, and she seemed fine. Today, she's complaining of general body ache, as well as a minor rash on the back and chest, but no hives. We're continuing with Benadryl and Ibuprofen, and are waiting to get a doctor's appointment (which is scheduled for next Wednesday evening, can't get anything else before then. . . )

Any suggestions ???? Anything else we can do ???
Current plan is to continue the Benadryl until the Doc sees her, and hopefully let her histamines settle down.

But this DID come out of the blue. Any idea what else we might be dealing with ??? Any additional suggestions for treatment until we get her in front of the doctor ???

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