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Posted by Harry on December 31, 1999 at 22:59:24:

In Reply to: allergies NEVER stop!!! could this be an infection? posted by debbie on December 31, 1999 at 13:52:16:

: i have had pretty bad allergies consistantly for about a year now. i never had them before. i can't afford to go to a doctor to get a perscription, and i'm looking for something natural that may help. i tried grapeseed extract, and i'm currently trying MSM. they don't seem to work. i take nasal crom or something like that, and it usually helps, but the past month or so, nothing works! it's like torture. my eyes will water and be all blurry, and my nose runs and i sneeze over and over! sometimes this lasts for an hour, and i cant' function! my boyfriend thinks i have a sinus infection, but i don't get headaches. and my mom thinks i might be allergic to mold and have spores trapped in my sinuses. (i do live in a high mold area for a year and a half now) also, i have been weezing a lot lately, and i was thinking if it is mold it could be down in my lungs? or the fluid is going into my lungs? i know i should see a doctor, but i really can't afford it. is there anything i can do that won't cost too much?
: thank you for ANY advise!
: *debbie*

Hi Debbie,
You sound like you have an allergic reaction to something.My wife had the same type reaction.She found out she was allergic to many things from house dust to all kinds of pollens.As soon as she got de-sensitized to one thing, she soon became sensitive to something else.This went on for several years.We even had to change our house(as directed by our Doctor)replaced carpets with vinyl flooring, remove drapes--replace with washable curtains, have the house dusted and vacuumed while you were out of the house.All this helped to some degree but she still had allergic reactions now and then.I asked my wife to read your posting and asked her who does that sound like ,she said"Me".I became familiar with Homeopathic Medicine.I tried several remedies on her and finally found the right one and it helped alot.That was 18 years ago and she still does not have the reactions anyway near like she did.But, she still has reactions---depending on what she comes in contact with,cleaning supplies in particular.We now live in a carpeted house with drapes.We have learned alot about living in a more allergy free environment.
I suggest you do the following: get two Homeopathic remedies Euphrasia 30X and Allium Cepa 30X.Try Euphrasia first -- take a dose every one and a half hours for 3 doses,if it's the right remedy for you, you will feel some relief within an hour or so. If you don't feel any better after the third dose--STOP---its not going to help. Then do the same with the other remedy. Homeopathic protocol--is that you stop when you start feelng better.If you take too many doses you can over activate your system.Both remedies cost about $12..If you can't find this potency you can use lower potencies it just may take a few more doses.I also think you should get knowledgale about Homeopathic Medicine.You'll bless the day you do!!! It's inexpensive, it works, FDA approved, and you can learn it.As you know some people learn it easier than others but that applies to most everything.
I also suggest you get an electrostatic filter for your furnace.They cost about $60. and filters about 97% of the dust/pollen/spores particles out of the air in your home.The cheap fiberglass filters only do in about 5%.Also,look into an Ozone/ionizers.The oxone kills molds, fungus and oxidates the food for dust mites (Skin). The ionizer causes dust particles to fall out of the air. Look it up on-line.It is thought that your home is the most polluted place we spend most of our time.
Good Luck---Harry Huxford

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