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Posted by Julie on January 06, 2000 at 00:09:50:

In Reply to: Re: Nut Allergy posted by Brenda Edwards on November 24, 1999 at 15:25:15:

: : : I found out in January that my 3 year old daughter has a nut allergy. Obviously, as a concerned parent, I'm wondering whether this is genetic (there are no nut allergy sufferers on my husbands side and, being adopted, I unfortunately don't know my family history).
: : : I also want to learn as much information about medical issues concerning this matter.
: : : There is an item of jewellery worn by people with rare blood groups in case of an accident, is there such a thing for children/adults with nut allergies?
: : : I would truly appreciate any guidance that someone may be able to offer me.
: : : Thank you
: : : Ans Aspden

: : : I myself have suffered from a severe nut allergy since birth and can appreciate how worried you
: : must be. Although I have never heard of an "allergy bracelet" to alert strangers in the case of
: : an emergency (which incidentally is a very good idea), it is important that your daughter carry an
: : EpiPen or adrenaline pen with her at all times. I find that to keep it safe from harm in my bag,
: : it fits neatly into a tupperware container and easily draws attention in the case of an emergeny
: : (which in my case, saved my life 6 months ago). Incidentally, I do not believe that nut allergies
: : are genetic as no such condition exists within my maternal or paternal family. Obviously, alert
: : as many people/friends/relatives as possible, and there is no reason why there should be a problem -
: : children like myself and your daughter are amazingly well equipped to deal with this situation.
: : Good luck!

: Hi, my name is Brenda and I have also had a recent eye opening experience to a nut allergy. My son is 7 and went into anaphylactic shock after eating 1/2 of a Brazil nut. I was terrified and have since been searching for any and all information that I can get my hands on reguarding this condition and any procautions that I can take to prevent this from EVER happening again. I must say that so far you are it. If since your posting you have found anything useful out I would be more thatn thankful if you could take a moment and pass it on to me. I do believe that you can have a medic alert bracelet made with NUT ALLERGY on it. I am currently checking into it and and will re-post as soon as I get a solid answer or ordering information. Brenda

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