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Posted by Dave on January 08, 2000 at 02:19:47:

In Reply to: Do allergy needles hurt? posted by Sammy age 10 years old on January 05, 2000 at 13:54:37:

: I'm 10 years old and i wanna know if the needles hurt? I have to get 3 tomorow. can u help?

Sammy, by now you know whether or not the shots hurt or not. I took two and three a week allergy shots from the time I was four until I was twenty-two. There are some things you can do that will keep the shots from stinging as much. Many of the doctors and nurses who will be giving you the shots will want to give them on the back side of the arm. This will hurt. The top of the arm is much better. For many years, I had too much scar tissue in my arms to have shots there any more. I spent about four years having my shots given in my thigh. This was ok and hardly hurt at all, except that my pants would rub on the place I had the shot and would make it itch really bad!

I don't know how much your parents and your doctor have told you about allergy shots, so I will tell you that they are sometimes a dangerous thing to do. In eighteen years, I had four really bad reactions to my shots, these are called anaphylactic reactions. It is very easy to die from these if you and your parents don't fully understand what to look for. There were two times that I didn't get to the emergency room fast enough, and the doctors there had to put a breathing tube in me and restart my heart.

To avoid all of this, you need to let the doctor and the nurse know if you have any reaction at all to your shots. Even if it just itches. If you think that you are starting to have trouble breathing after these shots, or if you feel your heartbeat starting to go faster and faster, then you need to see the doctor fast! There are medicines that you can have at home that will keep you from getting too sick from a bad reaction that your parents need to know how and when to use for you. This is very important. I hope this helps your allergies, but I really hate to see a young person start down this road.

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